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The usage of liquid clen syrup

Clenbuterol or Clen as it is usually referred to, has also been found to be aiding in weight loss, it is also a popular weight loss supplement. It is popular with bodybuilders as well as it also helps build muscle mass in addition to cutting flab. Despite its many advantages, for fear of misuse, FDA has put up restrictions regarding its sale and use. Yet, it continues to enjoy popularity among those who wish to remain fit and lean.


Know the difference between liquid clen syrup and clen tablets

Clenbuterol is available in both pill form and liquid form. Those who do not like to swallow tablets can use the liquid form. In any case, the ingredients in both are almost the same, the only difference being the speed in which clen enters the bloodstream after consumption. As with any solids, clen tablets do take time to being synthesized, broken down and then digested and finally released into bloodstream. With liquid clen syrup though, it is immediately broken down and released into bloodstream and thus making it available to cells and tissues faster than a tablet. That is why clen liquid syrup tends to be more preferable.

The right way of using liquid clen syrup

How to use liquid clen syrup? Liquid form of Clen is available in two forms, one is the syrup and the other is injections. The most important point to note is that injections have to be injected and syrup to be taken orally and not the other way. Also, the instructions should be carefully adhered to. Though liquid syrup reaches cells much faster than tablets, the latter is preferable when you have to stick to the correct dosage. With tablets, the weight is mentioned and you know if you have to take a whole tablet or if half will suffice. When it comes to the liquid clen syrup, the correct dosage is important so that you get to consume the right amount of syrup. Counting the drops seems to be the best way. And also note that syrups tend to contain a high amount of sugar, so those having sugar sensitivity or blood glucose problems, may be advised not to take it.

Though the liquid syrup is more effective and also yields faster results, it depends really on the correct dosage and also on the person and the physical as well as physiological conditions. The common way of using clen liquid syrup is to follow the cycles recommended.  Some cycles involve high dosages of clen liquid syrup continuously for the period mentioned. After completing the said cycle, the usage is stopped to give the body time to adjust. Clenbuterol is taken by both men and women and the cycle and the dosage for each might be different. This kind of cycle in which taking the syrup for some time and then stopping is ideal for bodybuilders and other athletes when they wish to cut down few pounds to prepare for the mandatory weight category for which they are competing.


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