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How Social Media Mobilized the Masses

21st-century democracy is reliant on the say of people; we can say that we are living in people’s age. With the advancement of technology, media or journalism is one of the most influential professions. People listen to them; people believe in them. The print media made way for public to say what they think about governments, taxes, or celebrities they follow. Somewhere around the 1980s, television sets modified our world. Everyone could make it to the news channels, protest, or have his/her say by attracting unlimited news channels on TV.

Then came the internet, the whole game changed, internet turned the tables from New York to Delhi. One of the biggest revolutions happened, with the internet, social media networks were born in university dorms and some broke techies invaded the internet with some stupid looking websites with a slogan to connect the world.

Some crazy-looking social media sites Facebook, Twitter, Friendster, Linkedin, or MySpace were created, the creators never knew they would change and revolutionalize the world forever. From Ukranian revolution to the Arab spring, the only thing that is mutual is social media sites.

Social Media is Used for Promoting Business :-

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Social Media Changing the World:

Let us start from Iranian uprising against the alleged rigged election in 2009, also known as Twitter Revolution; the Iranian Revolution lasted for several days, it all began with a Twitter trend. Later, the Egyptian uprising and protests on Al-Tahrir Square were a most successful Facebook revolution; it started with Ramy Raoof’s social media posts and trends that resulted in the elimination of Husni Mubarak’s illegitimate rule from Egypt after an 18-day protest in Cairo. Hundreds of thousands of people protested and performed a sit-in. The Ukranian revolution is another example of how communiqué sites can gather millions for a just cause. Around 40% of protestors in Ukraine gathered by Social Media sites for a revolution they craved for years.

In Pakistan, Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf led around 300,000 people to a political gathering just by Facebook posts and Twitter tweets. Later in 2014, the same political party gathered around 30,000 individuals in a 100-day sit-in and protested completely blocking Pakistan’s capital Islamabad, its national assembly, supreme court, and prime minister secretariat for more than 100 days, here, too, the people were mobilized through Facebook and Twitter.

The mainstream electronic media is thought to be independent. Still, electronic media is no more a reliable and accurate source of information for people now; people respond more positively to social media reports as compared to CNN and BBC. We are living in an age of wonders and revolutions, political revolutions through social media is a miracle of the 21st century. With a smartphone in everyone’s pocket and an unlimited internet data package, people make trends on the go, leaders mobilize their followers with few pinches on a smartphone, yes, we are living in a magic era, mobilizing the people and revolutionizing the corrupt system was never that easy before.

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