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Prepare and Assess: Create Your Checklist for Farm Equipment, Implements, and Machinery

As a grower, you know that the planting season is approaching, and that it’s time to start considering farm equipment for sale. This will help you create a successful growing plan. Whether it’s cultivating your garden, preventing pests, or upgrading your equipment, some manner of farm machinery is probably on your mind. It’s not as monotonous as just choosing from one or two options, either. Thanks to retailers like Agri Supply, you literally have thousands of garden and farm implements to choose from. Because of this, it’s helpful to create a checklist of what you need before you start looking.

Agricultural Spraying Equipment

When you decide on what you need, you can then begin the process of comparing brands, models, and prices to find the best farm equipment for sale. When creating your checklist of must-haves this year, with everything from farm machinery to things that will make your life easier in the field, not to mention help you achieve your highest yield potential, don’t forget to keep these items in mind:

  1. When browsing farm implements for sale, bear in mind that aerators will be among your most vital equipment for springtime growing preparation, and for an attractive, thriving lawn. Aeration allows water and nutrients essential for development to spread to grass roots, improving the condition of the roots and boosting growth. You might need a plug aerator to relieve soil compaction or a spike aerator to simply cut holes in the ground, but be sure you have the right equipment to meet your needs. Consider the many different sizes to choose from, as well as 3-point aerators or pull-behind aerators for your particular aeration requirements.
  2. Cultivators. Cultivators are very important among the farm equipment for sale you will be choosing from. Before planting season, your first step will be to break up earth, slash weeds and stir soil to get seed beds ready for planting with a field cultivator. For establishing a garden, or forbiggercultivating jobs, think about the right cultivator to do the job. Cultivators vary in size, quantity of shanks, and rigidity for a variety of soil types. Secondary tillage gearencouragesan ideal growing environment by killing weeds, decreasing soil compaction, moving nutrients, and more.
  3. Spreaders.Essential for spreading fertilizers, seed, lime, and other materials, there is a large selection of fertilizer spreader types with differing capacities to meet your needs. Take a moment to weigh your options – poly to steel hoppers, spreaders with or without a PTO shaft, and broadcast spreaders, to name a few.
  4. Mowers. The right type of mower makes cleaning up your fields and property so much easier. Among the farm machinery for sale, there are many mower types available, with many cutting widths and differing numbers of blades for turf grass types ranging from golf courses to parks and sports fields. Rotary mowers are can be easilysecured to the back of a tractor andhave strong and sturdy metal blades for cuttingdense grass, weeds, substantial brush, and even smaller trees.
  5. Disc and Tillage– Definitely one of your most essential considerations in farm equipment for sale. According to agrisupply.com, “The core of agriculture begins with tilling,” and with your tilling efforts comes a huge variety of options. Contemplate what you need, be it disc harrow blades, notched, or plain disc blades. How is your supply of row crop sweeps, cultivators, clamps, shanks, moldboards and plowshares? You’ll be glad you thought about all the details.
  6. Spraying Equipment – In order for this year’s application process to be seamless and effective for the crops you’re protecting and fertilizing, you need to consider your needs for sprayers, pumps, and parts. What kind of herbicides will you be applying, and what size and type of sprayer will you need? Are your pumps and parts in great condition going into the New Year? Managing your equipment will ensure that you effectively manage your crops.
  7. Lawn Mower Blades and Accessories – With sites like Agri Supply carrying more than 250,000 lawn mower blades to fit more than 70 brands, there’s no reason you can’t find exactly what you need. Having quality blades in good repair isn’t the only consideration this year. Also consider purchasing some accessories that will make a huge difference in the field by adding more comfort and efficiency. This includes seats, maintenance tools and performance parts, to name a few.
  8. Truck Accessories – Trucks and trailers are a part of everyday life on the farm. There are thousands of items available for not only enhancing the look of your truck or trailer, but to help them function better as well. Consider your needs and options in fuel pumps, nozzles, meters, and transfer tanks. Reassess your hitches and your fixtures as well. When your trucks, tires, and trailers are renewed, attractive, and in optimum condition, your work will go better, too. Begin the season with everything in good repair.

When you’ve taken the time to look at what you need for making your growing life easier and your efforts fruitful, you can choose from vast array of farm equipment for sale with confidence, and start the spring off right.

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