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How to Boost SEO with Videos

More than likely, you’ve found yourself looking to increase your website traffic and simultaneously make the same website appear higher on Google’s and other search engine’s rankings. This is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and it is a very confusing area to keep up with, even in the best of times.

It is often the case that a person will try to Boost SEO by plugging their website full of key words and phrases. This isn’t necessarily a bad start, but it also won’t get anyone very far.

Boost SEO

Use Video

When you are trying to get a website ranked higher, it basically comes down to having a quantity of quality back links. These are links that point back to your website from other reputable sources. Pretty simple in theory, but it’s a lot harder now a days to get those links.

Take a conscientious look next time you are flitting about the internet. What do you see being shared? Answer: Videos. Videos everywhere, all the time. It is pretty much the only thing anyone thinks worthwhile now-a-days.

Each time someone shares that video, whether on Reddit, a major news network site like CNN, Facebook, or any of the myriad of places people show other people what they find interesting, that creates a back link for the originating website. This is great as all those different back links tell Google or whichever search engine is being used that the website is legitimate. Any words or phrases associated with the video are then ranked as more likely to be associated with the website. If you want to get started, YouTube is an excellent video platform. A Promo Video is an excellent place to begin.

Always Aim for High Quality

It’s always better to have a single video of stellar quality like Across the Universe than a dozen videos with grainy animation. Marketing is always about dressing your material up in the best suit possible, and that’s exactly what video and search engine optimization comes down to. Marketing.

A high-quality video will penetrate far more of your target audience than a low quality one. Your content needs to be decent as well, but something easy on the eyes will take you much further than a low quality video with good content. A good example of where to get high quality video and animations is Renderforest  intro maker

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