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How to Avoid Bugs and Other Mosquitos on Your Next Vacation

In most parts of the country, the summer season has been over for a while. Things are cooling down, temperatures are dropping and autumn is in full swing. The leaves are changing, the birds are flying south, and so are you if you are part of the millions of people who vacation in warmer weather during the winter months in America. I love the snow, for about the first ten days, and I can even appreciate a good cozy place during the cold frigid days and nights that some people experience in different regions of the country. However, I crave sun and warmth, and even sometimes a little bit of salty sweat. I would rather be in an environment where I am too hot versus being in an environment where I am too cold. That is why the Caribbean and Mexico are my two favorite vacation spots of choice. Both of these destinations are gorgeous, have practically never-ending sunshine and oceans that sparkle crystal blue. The sand is soft and the drinks are strong so you can really get a feel for that h…