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How to Keep Bugs Away During the Summer Season

The summer season is known as a time when more people spend most of the day outdoors and bask in the warm weather. It's also when different types of insects come out and can interrupt outdoor parties or interior settings. When you want to keep bugs away during the summer season, there are a few important steps to take that will prove to be effective.

Use Citronella Candles

Citronella candles and torches can be used outdoors to repel gnats, mosquitos, and other types of flying insects. Find products that use real citronella oil and will repel insects for several hours each day while the candle is lit.

Hire an Exterminator

Hiring a professional is one of the most important steps to take to keep bugs away by having the interior and outdoor setting sprayed. Exterminators use quality equipment and chemicals to kill different types of insects and prevent them from returning during the season.

Use Pungent-Smelling Plants

Certain types of plants can be used in the back and front yard when you want a natural way of keeping pests away. Rosemary and mint are herbs that can be used while cooking during the summer but are also effective at repelling insects. Plant them on the perimeter of the home to prevent bugs from coming onto the property when you host parties.

Keep the Kitchen Clean

Bugs are often attracted to areas where food is left out both indoors and outside. Keep the kitchen clean by wiping up crumbs, keeping fruit in the fridge, and taking the trash out each day. Store food in containers that are tightly sealed and difficult to access for small critters. Dirty dishes should also be washed or put away as soon as possible and not left out overnight.

The outside property can be kept clean by removing wood piles that are present. The rain gutter should also be cleaned, which can attract termites to the water in the gutters if it's not cleaned out. Repairing leaky pipes will also prevent bugs from being attracted to damp areas. Keep the attic, crawl areas, and the basement properly ventilated to maintain a bug-free space.

Use a Misting System

Automatic Mosquito Control Misting Systems are effective at keeping mosquitos away and avoiding bites that can happen as you spend time outside. A light mist will be sprayed in the air for several seconds, multiple times each day. It can kill or repel the insects to prevent them from getting near the building and into the home.

Maintaining a comfortable home during the summer season requires that the right steps are taken to keep bugs away. By following a few tips, you can avoid bites and can prevent creepy crawlers from infesting your living area.


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